Put Dan Antonelli and the crew at Sign Shop Marketing and Graphic D-Signs behind you! Use our extensive portfolio of work to resell or refer our services to your existing clients - and earn commissions (approximately 5-10%). Some of the services that other shops refer to us are logo design, web design, brochure and collateral development, and advertising and marketing strategies for small businesses.

Additionally, some shops also use us to design logos, signs and truck lettering layouts for their clients - and then use our designs for their clients signage needs. It's a win win for all parties - you get to utilize our expertise to produce great work for your clients - and look like a hero in the process. Think of us as your own in-house design team, just not actually working there with you

So, if you're looking to help take your clients designs to the next level, we can help. We're not here to take business from you, simply to provide services that you may not.

So what's in it for you and your shop when you refer work to us? There are several benefits to you and your clients:

  • Ability to resell professional, ad-agency quality work to your clients
  • Earn profits by simply making a referral to us
  • Develop goodwill with your clients by pointing them in the right direction
  • Utilization of our huge portfolio to help solidify the sales process

having us design logos for your clients' truck lettering or signs, allowing you to sell designs that you may not have been able to create on your own

If you want to resell our services, or refer work to us for commissions, simply email us or give us a call at 908-835-9000. Be sure to tell any clients you refer to us to let us know that you sent them! We need this information in an initial consultation in order to be sure you will receive your commissions. If you have any questions, please give us a call.



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