Your First Adult Toy

Adult Toys

Adult sex toys have become popular over the years. Now more people are open to the idea of adult toys, and the adult toy store (if done right) is a potential money maker.

If you’re reading this, you are most likely researching on the best way to purchase your first toy. There are so many, where to start from can be intimidating. You are faced with a ton of terminologies, what’s the right adult toy for you? How to use the adult toy you intend to purchase. We have compiled a list to make your selection and purchase as easy as a breeze. Before you purchase that adult toy;

  • Research

You are already on the right path reading this article. The industry is a very large one, and it would be very helpful to do some research. Find answers to random questions you already have. The idea here is to have a general feel of the depth of the adult toy industry and what it has to offer. To be honest, you might never fully know the depths of this industry if you don’t understand the most basic aim of their existence in the first place – pleasure.

  • Figure out what works for you

Do you like sex rough? Or a little pinky finger is enough to get you going? What of double penetration? What are you aiming for? A prostate massage? Mind-blowing super-fast thrusting action? Toymakers have invested a great deal of time and dedication to emulate real-life coitus (we have human sized sex dolls), there most certainly will be something to suit your needs, and if there isn’t, there are numerous adult toy makers ready to build a toy just for you.

Figuring what works for you will help narrow your choice, so you have a clearer idea of what you’re searching for.

  • Be sure to have a firm grasp on how adult toys actually work

They are made of different materials, medical-grade silicone, glass, gold (yes), metal, hard plastic. If, for example, you have narrowed your choice to a dildo, well, there are countless types of dildos available. How much time will can you dedicate to cleaning it? Most of these adult toys are easy to clean and require little or no maintenance.

Would the noise be an issue for you? Some adult toys like the vibrators get really loud when working at full power (this depends on the brand, of course). Do you know how to use a butt plug?

You need to have a general and firm knowledge of adult toys before your first purchase. If you can’t be bothered by these details, the most important thing to remember is “the Lube is your friend,” your very much needed companion in the adult toy experience.

  • Dive in

It’s that simple. There are numerous adult sex toy stores with exactly what you are looking for, and if there aren’t close by to you or don’t have what you are looking for, go online. Visit an adult toy superstore. It’s advisable to read up reviews on the toy you are about to purchase and find out how it works before purchase. Also, is the adult toy store you want to purchase your toy from credible? You can still ask if they offer discreet shipping, but this would most likely be the case. All stores know that after the quality of their product, the next thing 90% of their customers care about is discreet shipping. A lot of people are doing it, but not a lot of people would admit it.

  • You’re in for the pleasure

It is tempting to become very mechanical and rigid, trying not to make mistakes with your first purchase. Don’t sweat it. Sex is fun. Be sure to make this process fun and step back for a while if it becomes tedious and stressful picking the right toy.